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About OhioHOPES

Finding help can be complicated


OCAPS recognizes each instance of abuse, neglect, exploitation and fraud is complicated and no two situations are identical. Reporting procedures may vary depending on the county or region where you live. Reporting abuse and/or finding services in Ohio is equally complicated. 


The need to develop a comprehensive resource center for older victims of violence has grown expediently due to the significant barriers older victims face when seeking assistance in times of crisis. Most older victims fail to ever come forward, some will abandon their recovery during their journey to safety, while many seniors won't know where to even start looking for help. 


How we help


OhioHOPES strives to be Ohio’s informative hub for older adults at risk of or victims of crime. This initiative provides resources, a monitored helpline, support in reporting crimes while raising awareness and understanding that elder abuse is happening and it needs to stop.


OhioHOPES is a project that can be divided into four categories:

  • Online Resource Hub and Educational Website

  • Help-Line

  • Public Education

  • Professional Training & Networking Development


OhioHOPES educational website is a one-stop-shop for older victims of crime with over 2,000 resources spanning all eighty-eight counties. OhioHOPES website and informative help-line provides a single location that houses access to the different systems which provide victim services to older victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, neglect and financial exploitation, along with other acts of family violence by condensing the myriad of victim services into one website and/or call center.


OhioHOPES presentations are offered to educate professionals, seniors and general public about various topics regarding elder abuse including awareness, prevention, identification, and reporting. OhioHOPES models best practice in the field of victims’ services by promoting education and outreach to increase victim safety; increase autonomy and empower older victims.


The goals for OhioHOPES are to empower seniors to address safety, reduce older victims' fear and anxiety while increasing community support for older victims. 

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