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Ohio Coalition of Adult Protective Services has a long history of successful advocacy working on behalf of older victims of crime in Ohio. We work with county aging programs to identify and speak out about legislative issues that impact older victims in the state. 


Prevalence of Elder Abuse:

A recent study funded by the Health Path Foundation of Ohio estimated that at least 105,000 seniors (age 60+) are abused or neglected each year. In comparison, the study estimated that 103,000 seniors are injured in falls that result in an emergency room visit, and major efforts are underway to prevent the harm caused by falls and associated health costs. Ohio must put forth a similar effort to protect seniors and prevent the loss of dignity and severe harm, and associated health costs, that are the result of elder abuse.

2018-2019 OCAPS State Budget Position Paper


Without sufficient state support, all the state and local efforts to combat elder abuse and neglect will simply fall flat. We cannot let Ohio seniors down!


Let your legislators know how you feel on issues that are important to you.



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