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The greatest risk for older adult abuse, neglect or exploitation is social isolation.  Reduce your risk, engage with others regularly. 


Senior Centers offer a variety of programs, classes, activities and outings, as well as providing services and assistance.  Click to find your local Senior Center

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Each instance of abuse, neglect, exploitation and fraud is complicated and no two situations are identical. Reporting procedures may vary depending on the county or region where you live.  If you are in immediate danger call 9-1-1.


The resources below are meant to be a guide through the reporting process for both victims and those who suspect that a friend or loved one might be a victim. If you are unsure about reporting an incident you may contact help by either using the online reporting system at or calling the State of Ohio’s Adult Protective Services Hotline at 855-644-6277 (855-OHIO-APS).  Mandated reporters are encouraged to use this online portal to report abuse, neglect or exploitation of an older Ohioan.

Living in a Nursing Home or Long-Term Care Facility:

Ohio Revised Code outlines laws pertaining to Patient Abuse in ORC 2903.34

Residents also have the rights in ORC 3721.13

*To ensure your voice is heard and to seek advocacy support from the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman, click here to find the program that serves your area. Please do not hesitate to call, Ombudsman programs are often one of the most effective resources available to long-term care facility residents.
*To report patient abuse or neglect, by an employee, resulting in harm, to the Ohio Attorney General, click here.
*To file a complaint to the Ohio Department of Health regarding substandard care and services, call 1-800-342-0553.
*To learn more about Ohio Department of Health regulations regarding Nursing Homes/Facilities, click here.

*To learn more about how the Ohio Department of Health defines abuse, neglect and misappropriation, click here.
*To learn more about Ohio Department of Health regulations regarding Residential Care Facilities/Assisted Living, click here.


Independent Living Arrangement:
This includes private home, apartment, trailer or rooming house.  Individuals must be over the age of 60 and have some sort of health issue of disability. ORC 5101.60 provides definitions regarding adult protective services.
*To find your local Adult Protective Services (APS) to report abuse, neglect, or exploitation, call the free hotline at 1-855-OHIO-APS (855-644-6277) or use the online portal at

The Ohio Department of Commerce's Securities Division works hard to protect Ohioans from investment fraud schemes and other forms of financial exploitation.  Learn more about these crimes, click here.  

The Ohio Attorney General's Elder Justice Unit is a collaborative effort among the Crime Victim Services, Consumer Protection, Health Care Fraud, and Special Prosecutions sections, and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI). The team helps local communities with investigations, forensic analysis, case presentation and prosecution.  Click here for more information or call 800-282-0515 to report a concern.

Reporting Alternatives:
If the adult in question does not meet the handicapped qualification and is suspected to be the victim of abuse or neglect, The Ohio Domestic Violence Network may be of assistance.  Please click here to read more about domestic violence and the elimination of personal, institutional, and cultural violence.


If the adult is not over the age of 60, but does meet the handicapped qualification due to a developmental disability the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) may be able to help. For a list of phone numbers by county and online reporting, please click here.


If the individual is suffering from mental health issues or addiction they can find help at the Ohio Department of Mental Health & Addiction Servicesclick here.


Area Agencies on Aging provide an array of services to older adults who may find themselves in need of assistance, to find out more, click here.


Low-income Ohioans may be eligible for legal services through Ohio's Civil Legal Aid System.  Find out more, click here


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