Each instance of abuse, neglect, exploitation and fraud is complicated and no two situations are identical. Reporting procedures may vary depending on the county or region where you live.


The steps below are meant to be a guide through the reporting process for both victims and those who suspect that a friend or loved one might be a victim. If you are unsure about reporting an incident or which type of abuse is present, you can find more information about the varying signs of abuse by clicking here. 


  1. Collect contact information of possible victim, including name, address and phone number.

  2. Prepare a list of concerns

  3. Click here to see next steps in reporting abuse/neglect

  4. Click here for reporting fraud


To find services that are not provided through reporting entities pleases visit The OhioHOPES resources database. This site includes thousands of listings of services relevant to Ohio seniors. Services can be searched by subject matter, county, or general search.