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OCAPS is a volunteer-based organization that is led by a Board and functions through committees.  We are seeking members to join one or more of OCAPS’ s standing committees.


Whether you are a long-time member of OCAPS or have just recently joined, your involvement is welcome and needed. New members can offer ideas and perspectives in assisting with the organization’s effectiveness. Tenured members bring their experience and knowledge of our members and older adults which helps us to better serve the needs of both. All members can help committees accomplish organizational objectives.  A brief summary of each committee follows. 

Development Committee


The Development Committee is tasked with increasing membership and revenue.   Committee members will assist in developing OCAPS’s fundraising plan by exploring and pursuing funding opportunities. Tasks include recruiting and overseeing OCAPS membership, exploration of funding, and grant opportunities. Brainstorming and developing new ideas on how to “sell” OCAPS to potential members and donors is an exciting part of this committee. Fundraising experience is not necessary, just a desire to support OCAPS’s mission!

Finance Committee


The Finance Committee monitors OCAPS's financial activity including reviewing and maintaining Directors' and Officers' liability insurance, preparing an annual operating budget, and reviewing the annual financial audit.    

Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee monitors state and federal legislation for its impact, and advocates on issues and legislation affecting the abuse, neglect, and exploitation of vulnerable adults and other issues germane to adult protective service programs. Following a nearly 69% increase in APS cases from SFY 2018-SFY 2020, most of the committee’s energy has been focused on the expansion of the APS line item. The committee produced an advocacy tool kit to guide OCAPS members and others seeking to educate and lobby state legislators to expand the funding to APS.  

Conference Committee 

The Conference Committee serves to emphasize the development of increased skills, knowledge, and abilities of APS professionals and community partners. Each year, the committee hosts a dynamic conference that covers diverse topics related to preventing, addressing, and reporting elder abuse.    

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee was established in early 2021 and is just getting started.  The committee’s focus is messaging which includes generating and distributing information about the work of OCAPS and other pertinent issues to its membership, partners, and individuals.  The committee works with other committees on messaging and new methods of communicating with members and partners to achieve our mission.   At this time, the Communications Committee is most in need of a member expert or organization that is willing and able to manage website content based on guidance provided by the communications committee. 

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