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Ohio is unique in many ways regarding how we protect our seniors. There is a continual change in resources, funding, laws and limitations that greatly affect Adult Protective Services. In response, OCAPS created and supports regional affilate groups to assist you.


OCAPS regional affiliate groups give the opportunity to APS workers and supervisors to collaborate at a regular meeting to learn together, share resources and successes, brainstorm about difficult cases and problems, and otherwise provide support to each other. This is a chance for workers who feel like they are on an "island" in their county to actively get support from neighboring counties. 


This service is a safe space for professionals to converse over a wide variety of subjects pertaining to working with the older adult population. It is our hope  to start valuable conversations about best practices, different intervention techniques or programs, new resources, current laws, and current or future legislation.   


OCAPS recognizes the importance of a regional group and hopes to encourage someone from each Ohio county to join us in making each region strong.

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