OCAPS 35th

Annual Conference

Celebrating Successes!

August 28, 2020
We are pleased to announce that the 2020 OCAPS Conference has been rescheduled for Friday August 28th at the Fawcett Center!
More details will be available in the coming months.
In the meantime, here are some FAQs. Should you have questions, please email us at: info@ocapsohio.org

How will I know the conference has been scheduled?

  • Conference updates will be posted on our website www.ocapsohio.org. Additionally, all participants will receive email notification of the new date, venue and other significant changes.

Will the sessions stay the same?

  • Every effort will be made to retain the speakers originally secured for the conference.


What happens to my registration?

  • All registrations will be held and applied to the new date.


What if I’m no longer available to attend on the new date?

  • You will continue to have the option to send someone in your place.


Where will the conference be located?

  • We will make every effort to retain the Fawcett Center on the campus of The Ohio State University. However, should there be a need to move to a new location, all participants will be informed as soon as possible.


Will my parking pass be good on the new date?

  • No. Should the event remain at the Fawcett Center, you will need to print a new parking pass which will be made available on our website.


As a sponsor will we still have exhibitor space?

  • If your level of sponsorship afforded you exhibitor space, you will retain that benefit.  New set-up details will be provided once the conference logistics have been decided.


If I hadn’t registered originally but would like to come, can I register for the new date?


If we registered using the current membership discount and memberships expire June 30, 2020, will we need another membership to keep that discount should the conference be held after that date?

  • No. Your current registration will stand. (A renewed membership will be required for the 2021 conference discount.)

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