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Grandparents' Tribute

In 1978, Grandparent's Day officially became a national holiday. The purpose of this holiday is to commemorate and pay respect to grandparents and to recognize the importance that older adults can have on the lives of others. 

This year, Grandparent's Day is celebrated on September 10th. To honor or remember a grandparent, consider making a donation to OCAPS. For only $20, we will post the name of the grandparent you have not forgotten who means so much to you. You may also submit a photo of your grandparent who we will feature on our website. 

To honor or remember a grandparent, please complete this form



A tradition that was prominently featured when this holiday was created is the presentation of the flower Forget-Me-Nots to one’s grandparents. Tell us which grandparents you won't forget.

See who OCAPS supporters have not forgotten by clicking on the image below.

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