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Grandparents' Tribute

OCAPS would like to offer the opportunity to honor or remember your grandparents, showing they are not forgotten. For a $20 donation,  toward keeping all older adults safe, OCAPS will post the name of the grandparent you have not forgotten, who means so much to you.

In Honor of ~ or ~ In Memory of 

Grandpa/Grandma, you are not forgotten 

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According to, Grandparents Day officially became a national holiday on August 3rd, 1978. The statue making Grandparents Day a holiday lists purposes of this holiday: 1) to commemorate and pay respect to grandparents, and 2) to recognize the importance that older people can have on the lives of the young.

A tradition that was prominently featured when this holiday was created is the presentation of the flower Forget-Me-Nots to one’s grandparents. 

Tell us which grandparents you won't forget.

See who OCAPS supporters have not forgotten

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