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HB 24 Amended, Poised for Vote in Senate

As reported by Gongwer News Service, at Wednesday's Senate Health and Human Services Committee hearing, Representative Mike Dovilla reported to the committee that changes had been made to the bill since it passed out of the House and was pending before the committee.

Rep. Dovilla explained the substitute version of the bill, noting that it harmonizes language from the as-introduced version to changes made with the passage of HB 64, the biennial budget document. He also said the substitute clarifies the roles of county social services agencies and law enforcement in adult protective services situations. Rep. Dovilla said the language draws a line between law enforcement not initiating an investigation while social services workers not getting in the way of such an investigation, once started. Finally, Rep. Dovilla said the substitute clarifies and expands the definition of mandatory reporters.

Joel Potts, executive directo