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OCAPS Submits Written Testimony on the Budget

Sara Junk, Chair of the Ohio Coalition for Adult Protective Services, last week submitted written testimony to the Ohio Senate Finance Health and Medicaid Subcommittee on the adult protective services line item in the state budget.

In the Governor's "As Introduced" budget (HB 49) the line item for adult protective services stayed the same as it was in the last budget: $2.6 million each year. While other programs and services either did not receive an increase or were actually cut, the House added $250,000 per year in its version of the budget.

OCAPS supports the increase. We requested that the Senate honor the House version of the budget, and increase it to allow each county to receive $65,000 per county per year to enable each county to have one full time APS staff person, plus additional dollars for services, to amount to $10 million total per year.

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